Most popular innovations

Change is inevitable, whether we eagerly embrace it, or try to (sternly) ignore it. The older one gets, the tendency is to reject change, whether it is beating down on your head or just slowly seeping into your life.

Lots of polls and reviews are available regarding the past decade. And many of these polls I read in the newspaper, online, through my email messages, point out that most Americans don’t particularly look favorably over the past 10 years. Do you understand why? The problems in the economy are so “in our face” with tangible effects that anything positive that has occurred during this decade seems unimportant. Political, economic, and social changes over the past 10 years are not so impressive until we look back and think, “Wow, we experienced all of that in a short time?”

I wonder which of the myriad of changes you believe have and will make a difference to you and to your environment. Here is a chart from the poll conducted by Pew Research.

The Pew Research has identified the top issues we have dealt with during the past 10 years.

Let’s see the top 2000-2009 technological innovations Americans believe are the most popular.
Here is the list:
email, Cell phones, cable news talk shows, social networking sites, internet blogs, reality TV shows, genetic testing, blackberry and iphones, online shopping, green products

Which top 4 do you believe are the most popular?

Cell phone 69% say most favorable
green products 68% say most favorable
email 65% say most favorable
internet 65% say most favorable

Want to know the least favorable? Check out the article at Pew Research.


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