Resources for the entrepreneurs

One thing I’ve always told students when it comes to business resources, you have a plethora available to you especially while you are in school. Use the university library while you are enrolled because some of the online resources will not be available once you graduate. There are some new online additions you might want to become familiar with:

American City Business Journals
This is an online Access to the San Antonio Business Journal PLUS 40+ other regional business journals. The archive is a year’s worth of back issues. The highlight of this journal, to me, is the Book of Lists, that ranks various local businesses.
(If you want to read about the $100k New Venture Start-Up Competition that the Center for Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship hosts each semester, specially the COB and COE students who won this past semester, check out the article UTSA competition fosters business skills.)

Local Market Audience Analyst
This is a replacement for the print resource Lifestyle Market Analyst, for demographic and Experian consumer data. (The library purchased a licensed for one concurrent user at a time, so if you have trouble accessing, contact the library and they will increase the number of concurrent users.)

Mergent WebReports
This resource contains 180,000 corporate and industry-related documents covering 100+ countries form the early 1900s to the present.

RiskMetrics Director and Governance Data via WRDS
This is a WRDS dataset covering the S&P 1500 companies since 1996, which includes a range of variables related to individual board directors.


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