App for the students

One thing that frustrates me about the university is that there is so much happening, and so few ways to find out anything. Several websites are available independent of the university to learn about local activities involving the student community. And of course, the official website of the university has a calendar of events and academic calendar. Not really helpful if the registered students organizations have not posted their upcoming events.

What about an application to the iPhone? Now of course, this is assuming there are lots of students with iPhones. Would be nice to conduct a poll and find out. But let’s assume there are many, many students who have iPhones. Then why not write an app for the iPhone for our university students’ activities. Like NPR, the user could get an update of student activities on and off campus.

Check out this website to make an application easily (and cheaply). I’ll give you class credit if you come up with one. Show me and you’ve got it!

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