Which is worse for you: texting or pot? ***

Yes, that is the title of a BNET article. The article reminds us (as if we need to be reminded) that we are overwhelmed by information coming at us in the form of texting, IM, social media, twitter, and on and on and on… Of course, we need information, and some of it coming our way on a daily basis is important and part of the need-to-know. But if we read it all, we could become under-productive, as we would spend all our time trying to keep up, or drain our brains trying to process it all. Either way, the article reminds us of the need to personally prioritize all the digital raining that occurs. (Certainly not this Blog, though.)

There are actually some very good suggestions from the article: Prioritize your prioritizing; take control of your email, do less, and, yes, UNPLUG.

So did the article answer the question “which is worse, texting or pot?”

A University of London study done for Hewlett-Packard found that “infomania” – a term connected with addiction to email and texting – can lower your IQ by twice as much as smoking marijuana. (Check out the article.)


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