More top 10 lists

An interesting effect of changing decades, besides getting older (and some of us even feeling older) is the number of top 10 lists flooding my in-box. Some of them are ridiculous: greatest warriors, college mascots, gingerbread houses (huh?). You can check out more at

But I like to read the top ten business ideas, business trends because I see the potential for new businesses from these lists. I hear many people say I want to start a business, but don’t really have an idea. Well, here are a bunch of ideas in the form of business trends, from Barry Moltz:

1. The internet – allows geographic connection anywhere between marketing and customer.
2. Working at home – reduces expenses, of course.
3. Using social media to connect with our past.
4. Size really doesn’t matter – if you are connecting through the internet, can’t always tell the size of a company.
5. Customer service is making a strong comeback. (Did you see that our SA Rackspace won a Frost and Sullivan award for customer value! I read that on twitter from Jackie Davis (UTSA 2009).)

So where are the ideas in that list? New technology c2c, service business for helping businesses set up working from home, connecting business to social media, customer service programs, educating others to all of these trends,…

Every idea starts with a problem.


One response to “More top 10 lists

  1. Thanks for the mention! UTSA Entrepreneurship program is absolutely second to none…hope you all enjoy and cherish it as much as I did!

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