Colbert Report on Design Revolution

A recent Colbert Report caught my attention with an interview of Emily Pilloton. Google her name and you see only 200,000 results. But her name and her projects will hit millions before long.

In a recent interview, she talked about Project H Design. Project H Design (projects for habitat, humanity, health and happiness) are a team of designers and builders engaging locally to improve the quality of life for the socially overlooked.

From their website:
Our five-tenet design process (There is no design without (critical) action; We design WITH, not FOR; We document, share and measure; We start locally and scale globally, We design systems, not stuff) results in simple and effective design solutions for those without access to creative capital.

Incorporated in January 2008, they have nine chapters, six in the U.S. and three international. They have 24 current projects, some chapters have multiple projects, and a couple projects that are organizational projects. They’re working in eight countries and the total number of volunteers involved is in the 300+ range.

All started with $1000 in savings, a laptop and a conviction that design can save the world.

Her book, Design Revolution is a collection of over 100 design products and systems that are “as fascinating as they are revolutionary. Products like a high-tech waterless washing machine, a low-cost prosthetic for landmine victims, braille-based Lego-style building blocks for blind children, and sugarcane charcoal.

Colbert is not my favorite, but he hit the jackpot on this guest. Check it out:
January 18, 2009 show


One response to “Colbert Report on Design Revolution

  1. I don`t think, we are going to have a new design revolution.

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