Here We Are

“It’s not tenable for the United States to continue with the status quo. In a world where innovation is critical to U.S. competitiveness, we must do everything in our power to optimize commercialization that stems from our nation’s vast research investments. The Commerce Department is working hard to find solutions, and as has always been the case, we will look to America’s entrepreneurs to help chart the path back to recovery.” (For more of the speech, check it out.

History shows that “in the last 30 years, literally all net job creation in this country has taken place in firms less than five years old.” So what are WE doing to further the entrepreneurial spirit?

In addition to the education we offer in the undergraduate classroom:

The Boot Camp (a must for the nascent entrepreneur): January 29, 2010, 9-4pm in the Business Building of the main UTSA campus
Mentorship: Individuals from the Harvard Business School Club of San Antonio and other business experts offer one-on-one guidance to our entrepreneurs participating in the $100k New Venture Competition
Two directly related student clubs: Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization at UTSA and Toastmasters at UTSA

Entrepreneurship education and outreach to high school students
The $100k New Venture Competition brings engineering and business together offering assistance to start-ups through cash prizes, and services such as legal, business management, and a place to set up office space.
Experienced and well-educated faculty.

— It’s nearly impossible to create a solution out of the same figurative space as the problem. True innovation comes from a different “space” and a new skill. It demands that those who imagine an improved outcome participate in creating it. Kahwajy


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