And the winner is…

If you asked which presentation was the most valuable at the CITE Boot Camp on Friday, the answers would be the first speaker; NO the third; NO the second: NO the last one; NO wait the fourth; NO, WAIT…

Ok, let’s start over.

The keynote

Brian Hughes. Brian is from MIT and also received an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He co-founded PTAT System Inc., which built the first privately funded transatlantic fiber cable linking New York and London which was sold to Sprint in 1989. He ended up as CEO of the American Rocket Company, which shut down in 1995. The good news is the hybrid rocket technology developed by American Rocket powered Burt Rutan’s SpaceShip One, winner of the X-Prize. In 1996 he moved to San Antonio with his wife Lissa Martinez and began investing in early stage companies such as Secure Logix, Novus Edge and BioScale. He now focuses his time and energy on HBN Shoe and SegSaddle exclusively. Someone asked me what is a “serial entrepreneur”: Brian.

Stop Pitching and Start Story Telling

Alan Wienkrantz. A student came to me after Alan’s presentation and said: ” Thank you professor! Alan reiterated what you have pushed in class, LinkedIn, Facebook, VisualCV, your presence on the internet will sink or sell not only YOU but anything YOU want to promote, especially a new business.”

The Business Plan and other Riveting Documents

David Clark from SATAI (SATAI began in 1999 as a grass roots community effort to develop the San Antonio tech economy. A technology commercialization center with a single point-of-entry to assist researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs and other companies to turn their innovations into enterprises.)

Most important take-away:

Show passion Show confidence Demonstrate knowledge. It’s a business deal not an invention!

Intellectual Property Basics

Mark Miller, Jackson Walker, LLP. Not creating valuable IP is inexcusable because often only minor steps are required. The best foundation for
inexpensively creating valuable IP is: (1) identify your existing and desired IP; (2) learn the rules applicable to it; and (3) pretend you are on the
witness stand using the Rules to prove you own it. This simple drill opens your eyes to an important universe and teaches you how to win.

The Foundation: Structuring Your New Venture

Stephanie L. Chandler, Jackson Walker, LLP. When Should You Formalize Structure? Choose the Right Entity:

Sole Proprietorship
• General Partnership (GP)
• Corporation
• Limited Partnership (LP)
• Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Investments in San Antonio

Bruce Flor

Most important take away: Opportunities exist in San Antonio! Do your due diligence!


Do you have the courage?

Don’t get confused between inventors and entrepreneurs:
• Inventors create new technologies (ideas)
• Entrepreneurs create new business (money)
• Which one has the better ROI?

And the winner is from the January 29 Boot Camp?

YOU for attending!


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