Make your own opportunities

You may not have an MBA (yet) but I recently read a blog written as a letter to recent MBA graduates who might be interested in working for a start-up enterprise. I grabbed some vital information from that blog (the author has over 5500 followers on twitter) and definitely see how you could benefit from the message.

Number 1

Instead of asking what opportunities there are for you, you should be telling me what opportunities you are going to create.

Number 2

If someone is hiring one of the first 10 or 20 or even 50 people in their company, those new hires need to be awesome. You can’t hide in a startup and there’s no room for dead weight

Number 3

Suggest ways in which you could be working at companies that didn’t even have openings listed for what you want. If you think there’s a clear need for what you can do, create the opportunity for yourself!

Number 4

Another note on the approach—a resume attachment is fail on delivery. It’s 2010. We may not have flying cars just yet, but attached word docs are archaic. Send around your public and visible LinkedIn profile at minimum, with a well written bio and bullets that tell me what you did and what you know. Even better would be additional links to your blog and Twitter.

And the big number 5

Startups (or all progressive businesses) assume that MBAs ( all recent graduates) are going to look for too much money, have classroom knowledge that won’t likely transfer to the real world, and want things to be handed to them. You’ve got to counter that by providing immediate upfront value, differentiating yourself, and creating your own opportunities.

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