Are entrepreneurs born or ‘made’?

Are entrepreneurs born with a unique gift? What is it that enables them to transform an idea into a successful new venture? What can we learn from their experience? Do I have what it takes to succeed?

A new program by the Kauffman Foundation ,”Mindset”, attempts to answer these questions and more, for the benefit of someone considering an entrepreneurial venture. It is a self-paced learning program that enables aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from the firsthand knowledge and experience of successful real-world entrepreneurs.

In addition to written and video content, the program includes recommended reading, additional resources and learning assessments as well as a certificate of completion. Students also have access to an online forum that enables them to connect and collaborate with experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world.

The two-hour, 38-minute “Mindset” program currently is being offered free to the first 250 qualified applicants through a scholarship funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Applications are available at

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