Peers influence entrepreneurial ventures

A recent study out of Stanford University states:

“…sometimes all it takes to become motivated to be an entrepreneur is to have a seed planted in your head by someone close to you who has done it,” says Sørensen, the Walter Kenneth Kilpatrick Professor of Organizational Behavior. “When you meet others who have gone out on their own, it doesn’t seem that crazy.”

And when it is peers who have the influence, and you meet them at the workplace, all that shows is that the worst that could happen is you have to get a job and work for someone else. I think the most fascinating information in the study is the idea that hotspots like Silicon Valley can pop up anywhere. “Entrepreneurism seems to be a self-reinforcing phenomenon — once you have one entrepreneur, you’re likely to have more, as that person influences others.”


One response to “Peers influence entrepreneurial ventures

  1. Be the first to do anything seems harder but it’s so exciting to begin anything. That’s why we tried to launch an inovative idea to get the means for entrepreneurship. We are seeing that it is difficult but we are still trying.

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