World’s Best Patents and Pitches

UTSA students are busy planning for the $100k New Venture Competition, and recently learned about the patent process from the United States Patent and Trade Office. Fortunately, none of them will be written about in the Huffington Post call for the weirdest patents in the world. You must check out the top contenders.

For example, have you ever swirled an ice-cream cone around, positioning your tongue just right to keep the ice-cream from dripping? Well, swirl no more!
The inventor of this rotating ice cream cone explains that the device “expands the typical act of eating an ice cream cone to include numerous playful and creative possibilities including sculpting and carving of channels with one’s tongue to form interesting shapes and patterns on the outer surface of an ice cream portion.”

And while we are at it, let’s talk about pitching your idea to a venture capitalist who might fund your idea. Heard of Ali G?
THIS is Ali G, trying to come up with a business idea and then when he does, the ice-cream glove, he pitches it. And he believes he’s going to make “a million billion dollars.”

I wonder if Ali G would like to speak in entrepreneurship classes?


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