Beer in Cans? Remember buying only cans?

OK, beer came in cans before you were even born. Or me, for that matter.
Remember Schlitz? Probably not. Cheap, and really not very good. But for so long beer in cans meant ‘cheap’.
The bottle seems to denote quality.

But not in recent times. More craft brewers are choosing to sell their products in lowly aluminum cans instead of tall glass bottles. Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, Colorado, was one of the first upscale brewers to jump on the beer-can band wagon. Since beer snobs eschew the canned beer, the can faces a stigma. Yet, there are reasons the beer can is a better way of dispensing beer. Aluminum cans prevent beer spoilage due to light, since cans are hermetically sealed unlike bottles. And of course, the go green business has helped the breweries take a closer look at developing ‘quality’ beer in a can. Cans are recyclable, and have a longer shelf life. They are also lighter in weight, for transporting.

Of course the breweries make the decisions, but the consumer buying certainly plays in the decision. And since some award winning beer has been “canned” others may slowly follow.

Check out the beer story.


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