LinkedIn connects you professionally

For several years now, I have been telling students to build a portfolio on LinkedIn. Many others who have marked their place on this internet professional network with 60 million users would tell you of the benefits. Many students say “but I’m on FaceBook.” A recent article addresses how LinkedIn more than any other social networking site could help your career take off.

Facebook is for fun. Tweets have a short shelf life. If you’re serious about managing your career, the only social site that really matters is LinkedIn.

The average member is college-educated with a job. More than a quarter are senior executives. Every Fortune 500 company is represented. That’s why recruiters rely on the site. In this environment, job seekers can do their networking without looking as if they’re shopping themselves around. Other job hunting sites, like, showcase job hunters. This site is used by a cadre of happily employed people to research clients before sales calls, ask their connections for advice, and read up on where former colleagues are landing gigs. And the recruiting industry uses it to find the most talented and sought-after recruits currently employed.

You can’t afford not to be linked in with the best.


One response to “LinkedIn connects you professionally

  1. I’ve been on LinkedIn for about a year now, it is the most useful social network. You get to ask people in your field for advice and help, this is invaluable information for college students like myself.

    By the way, I found this site through your facebook page, do you also have a LinkedIn group I can join?

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