More discrimination news

More discrimination news. I write this because most of my undergraduates do not believe gender discrimination exists. “Are you kidding, this is 2010!” they say. So below is a clip from Inc. Magazine:

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recovered a record high of $294 million in back wages on behalf of employee claimants in fiscal year 2009, thanks partly to the recession. It also collected another $82 million from complaints that actually made it to court (as opposed to the EEOC’s process).

“When times get tough, the first to go are the older workers,” Diane King, a civil rights attorney for 23 years, told the Denver Post. “Also on the hit list for some employers are minorities and pregnant women.”

So the article continues with suggestions on how to avoid discrimination lawsuits by suggesting to train both employees and managers about their obligations under discrimination and harassment laws. That’s the best legal advice. But the best ethical and moral advice: don’t discriminate.


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