$100k New Venture Start-Up: Team Impulse Cycles

The $100k New Venture Start-up is April 24. The prototypes are in their final phase of production and the business plans are moving closer to real commercialization documents. Let’s look at a new product each day.

Electric Motorcycle

Electric motorcycles and vehicles have been produced for about a century now, but have always been limited by energy storage technology. Their commute range and speed has always been limited by this premise. With the advent of new battery technology such as lithium ion batteries, mechanical engineering design must also increase its project goals to accommodate the new technology. Impulse Cycles aims to utilize this new battery technology to create a motorcycle that will have a range of 50 miles at highway speeds. The team also has a goal of increasing the commute capability of an electric motorcycle. At the same time, the team is going to design a conversion kit for a Suzuki GS850G motorcycle that will lead to future bike conversions. The teams goal is to produce a motorcycle conversion that will travel 50 miles at highway speeds with LiFePO4 (Lithium ion) batteries.


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