$100k New Venture Start-up: USB remind flash drive and DC:DC

Two more products for the $100k New Venture Start-up: USB auto-remind and DC:DC

This technology is an auto-remind feature that is integrated into a USB Flash Drive. This feature reminds the user that the USB flash drive is being left behind in the USB slot. Many students accidentally leave behind their flash drives in labs, classes and other such places. This technology will reduce the amount of flash drives left behind accidentally by simply reminding the user via sound before they walk out the room without it. At the same time it prevents important data from being lost or potentially falling into the wrong hands.

This technology has potential to be very popular and if its not costly can be implemented into existing companies’ flash drives and can give them an advantage in the market. If it only costs a few cents extra or even a dollar to get a flash drive with a remind feature that will assure the user their data will be safe and virtually lose-proof.

Why waste money on electricity when free electricity can be more efficiently utilized. Currently when you charge portable electronics such as laptops and cellphones, there is power loss, known as phantom loads. The project is to implement and design a system that will control and safely distribute power generated from a renewable energy source such as solar panels. This consists of monitoring and controlling intelligent electrical outlets. This maximizes the efficiency where renewable energy systems are implemented with the focus towards solar energy. Through the control and safe distribution of solar power, this energy can be directly used to charge portable electronics. By the addition of this product to a residential solar system, money will be instantly saved on the electric bill by maximizing free electricity.
Their product is intended to target:
 Homeowners: residential home owners who have or are interested in utilizing a renewable energy source such as solar panels to decrease their electric bill and having less of an effect on the environment.
 Businesses: can also be used in the same fashion as a homeowner but on a larger scale. Many businesses have a different variety of battery powered electronics used in their operations that with the incorporation of a solar panel system, thus reducing their operating costs.
 Solar Companies: can also target solar companies whether they are installation or manufacturers of solar energy products. Installation companies selling the whole solar system will add another selling point over the current setup.


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