B.E.E.P.S and Beverage Unlimited for the $100k New Venture Competition

Two more products nearly ready for the $100k New Venture Start-up:


The objectives of B.E.E.P.S. is to create a reliable device that will monitor a child in the crib and to send out alerts or alarms if the child is trying to get out of the crib. The two devices that monitor the child’s presence are the touch sensor and the pressure sensor. Since most children will hold onto the edge of the crib when they stand up, touch sensors placed on the edges will be able to detect when this happens. The touch sensor will be very similar to touch lamps and will send a small voltage to the microcontroller when triggered. The pressure sensor will be placed underneath the mattress of the crib and will continuously send signals to the micro-processor to monitor for variations in pressure to determine if a child is trying to leave the crib. Once either one of the sensors has been activated alerts or alarms will need to be sent out. This will be accomplished via remote wireless device and or cell phone notification. The microcontroller will then activate the Transmitter Unit and notifications will be sent out.

Beverages Unlimited

This product will automatically detect the volume of any sized cup, within product limitations, and correctly dispense the correct amount of fluid into the cup: A hands free automatic cup filler. The product is intended to be used at any type of commercial venue, with possibilities of residential or even industrial settings.

The product will solve the beverage industry’s problem of slow service and incorporate the ability to use any type of drinking apparatus. This will also create a distinct novelty for the company employing such a device, as well as possibly organizing customer’s tab with an database account. In these cases, the user will pay by ounce for whatever beverage desired.

The intended market is mainly any commercial venue in which beverages are sold, primarily at busy places. Coffee shops, concerts, bars, restaurants, airports, and large department stores are the key target for employing such an automated device. The unique aspect of using such a device will also create a motive to attract new customers and retain previous customers. Also, an extra selling aspect will be the user saving money without having to worry about tipping servers, and possibly spending more money at such a venue.


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