$100k New Venture Start-up: PREE

Another technology for the $100k New Venture Start-up: PREE

The technology of today is advancing at an unprecedented rate. As our collective understanding of electricity has developed, we have seen the emergence of countless innovations. Most modern electronics are capable of capturing photographs, recording video, messaging, and full-web browsing. Unfortunately, these features often consume large amount of energy which, in turn, quickly drain batteries of any and all charge. For the consumer, this means frequently plugging into nearby electrical outlets to recharge the electronic device. With that being said, one should note that wired electronics have been and always will be inconvenient in the fact that they are just that—wired.
Taken at a glance, PREE is essentially a wireless charger thus enabling users to avoid and effectively eliminate any need for wired plug-in. Peering deeper into the design, however, we find embedded within the device are several antennas clustered together to form an array. These antennas are each fed by Wi-Fi frequencies as transmitted from access ports found across university campuses, schools, homes, apartments, work places, restaurants, etc. The antenna array essentially converts inbound Wi-Fi signals in to an electrical charge. This charge is then passed through a transformer of sorts which effectively increases the electrical voltage so that the harvested power may then be applied a given electronic device (i.e. iPhone or iPod).
Time and constraints permitting, it is also possible to implement compact solar cells in the design. The power obtained from these cells would supplement the electricity harvested from the transmitted Wi-Fi signals and offer greatly reduced charge times all at no cost to the consumer.

PLEASE NOTE: This blog is being reposted to reflect a name change. The product and team name was changed to “PREE” prior to the competition.


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