The Brand Called YOU

What brand are you?
A recent article in INC magazine discussed the idea that not only does your business need branding, but so do you. Branding is how one markets oneself: how you dress, how you act, what you say and do.

Why is this important? Well, why do companies spend millions on branding, through advertisements, social media, even volunteering their employees in various ways. From the article:

For anyone interested in having a successful career, whether you’re a job seeker, consultant, student, employee or entrepreneur, your personal brand is everything. It’s your reputation, the size and strength of your network, and what unique value you can contribute to a company or your clients.

The article identified 4 key steps to the branding process: know yourself, create a presence (blogs, webpages, etc.), communicate and expand your network, and maintain, as you grow and develop.

As a business, the article states, entrepreneurs need to be concerned with branding:

1. If you don’t brand yourself first, someone else will brand you.
2. Venture capitalists, angel investors, and partners want to work with strong personal brands that have successful track records.
3. Your personal brand is transferable, so if your business fails, you don’t have to start from scratch again.
4. People are searching for you or people like you online, and if you don’t have a solid brand presence, you won’t be taken seriously.
5. A lot of entrepreneurs, especially internet entrepreneurs, have to build large networks before they generate media and investor attention.

Check out the article in INC magazine.


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