Global connections

For three days, participants had the opportunity to engage with people from around the globe to surface pragmatic ideas and solutions to some very real issues and problems facing our communities and our world today. Global Pulse 2010! The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) sponsored the event, in partnership with the U.S. Departments of State, Education, Commerce, and Health and Human Services.

As a truly unique event Global Pulse 2010 enabled participants to influence a global conversation to help build partnerships across borders, strengthen understanding among cultures, and unite the human race in an effort to create innovative solutions to the most pressing social issues of our time.

Topics ranged from peace, climate change, poverty, education, nursing and public health, listening to global partners, women and girls, micro finance, women and technology, building collaboration and partnerships, water, malaria, greening…In the end, 9,600 ideas were posted from 155 countries.

For example, this one:

In President Obama’s landmark Cairo speech, he proposed to “create a new online network, so a teenager in Kansas can communicate instantly with a teenager in Cairo.” I understood this to mean an equal partnership. If the US government wants to inspire youth to be global citizens, it has to work with other governments to create programs that reflect a key tenet of global citizenship: the mutual respect of one’s peers is gained by recognizing that teaching and learning flow both ways.

So, here is one quick and easy policy idea: President Obama should commit to link every school in the US with at least one other school somewhere in the … world—through physical and/or virtual exchanges by 2016. Governments worldwide are taking similar steps already; the United States joining this effort would be a powerful boost to making the next decade a time of global cooperation and mutual respect.

Check out the website and all of the ideas: Global Pulse 2010!


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