All Entries to the $100K New Venture Start-Up Competition

United Sources of Brilliance
United Sources of Brilliance’s Auto-Remind flash drive reminds you that it has been left behind by beeping after the cap has been displaced from the flash drive body by more than five feet. By helping you remember where it is, the Auto Remind Flash Drive ensures you will no longer have to replace it or worry about losing personal information anymore.
Christopher Joseph Abowd , Gustavo Adolfo Diaz , Matthew Ernest Ford , Gabriel Maldonado , Hector I Silva , Ernest J Tolliver , Mikah Sean Wilhite

PREE, LLC. is an early start up venture offering a protective iPhone case that is equipped with the technology to harness and convert energy from wireless local area networks (WLAN), as well as solar energy to create a sustainable charge for the iPhone.
Amanda Rae Dekay , Matthew Ellison , Matthew N Jackson , Jason Edward Mero , Joshua Michael Sellers , Nicholas Aaron Trujillo

2P3 Designs
The 2P3 system is a device that is placed within the forearm of prosthetic arms. This device houses a pulley system that will allow the user to work with a third of the required force necessary for routine work.
William Brent Bonner , Arturo Javier Corrales , Gregory Mark Flint , Joshua D Hanna , Celina V Lozano , Alisha Naran Patel , Ismael Seanez

Backseat Tray
Are you tired of hearing ‘Are we there yet?’ Our product is a backseat tray that customers can use for a multitude of reasons including writing, eating, using a portable electronic device, or any other need for a flat surface.
Fred Patrick Gonzales , Rachel M Jones , Cody T Odell , Anish A Prasla , Luis Tienda

Drinks Unlimited
Drinks Unlimited offers customers the ability to have an exact amount of their favorite beverages dispensed into their personal container. Our automatic dispensing device enables the user to place almost any size container into the machine and pay for only the amount of liquid that they want.
Brendan Scott Baker , Towne Nicholas Besel , Carlisha R Clark , Sean Ryan Tovar , Frederick Carl Weissbach , Evan J Wilkerson

B.E.E.P.S. will be able to detect the presence of a child in a crib, and once the child is detected it will employ two methods of escape prevention. The first will be through a touch sensor, the touch sensor will trigger an alert when the child is standing up. The second is a pressure sensor, if any weight is displaced from the crib it will immediately respond with an alarm.
Paul E Carroll , Aaryn Leona Cathey , Joseph Matthew Cooper , Zaida Saharely Mauricio , Desmond W Miles , Elizabeth Roxana Serpas , Christopher Ruben Zavala

Invictus offers a product that significantly reduces the problem of having a premature child’s head deform under its own weight, due to the underdeveloped cranial plates. The solution we have provided, which meets the guidelines for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) prevention, is a bonnet which distributes the pressure around the head eliminating points of high pressure, thus reducing the tendency for the child’s head to deform under its own weight.
Nicholas Louis Flores , Israel Gonzalez , Daniel Valentin Mendez

Real Time Auto Data offers a wireless engine management system engineered for auto racing enthusiasts in the United States. While there are currently multiple businesses in the Engine Control Units available, no available ECU offers an engine management system that can send auto data wirelessly or make changes while the vehicle is in motion.
Rachel Grace Anderson , Eric Andrew Gonzales , Joshua J Junqueira , Wesley Ryan Moncivais , Armando Noyola , Daniel J Seiler

Currently, electrical systems waste 6-10% of useful energy in the conversion of direct current (DC) to alternate current (AC). Our product eliminates that conversion by using the DC power produced from solar panels directly, making the use of energy efficient and less expensive.
Elise Crespo , Javier Enrique Guerrero , Jeremy J Halbardier , Crystal Elvira Harden , Hector A Ramirez , Olakunle Olufemi Sosanya , Gerardo Trevino

Impulse Cycles
Impulse Cycles fabricates easy to install lithium ion battery power kits to replace gas engine components in most models of motorcycles 10 years and older. This allows our customers to convert their older, gas powered motorcycle into a safer, cleaner, more economical, and more reliable means of transportation or recreation.
Cole Allen Brady , Eric Allan Hulse , Chad Elliott Kremmer , Cameron Mehlenbacher , Braden Joseph Montalvo , Mark Alan Pesek , Lindsay Josephine Shelton


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