First place in $100k New Venture Start-Up Competition

“Can you believe, those engineers won first place!”
“How did THEY beat us?”
Business, that’s how. They were articulate, understood the scope of the problem and found a solution their potential customers just could not live without.

A new idea is only worth the paper you print it on. The execution and results can be worth millions. What you do with the idea, and how you implement will mean success or failure.

At the competition, an engineering team, with the support of business professionals but no business student team, won first place at the $100k Competition. They did not have an idea. An idea was posed to them as a result of someone’s problems. The problem? Premature baby’s heads are so malleable that more times than not, the head flattens on one side. So the engineers were told the only solution was for a nurse to turn the head periodically while in the bassinet. Usually, though, that just doesn’t solve the problem. So these engineers designed a helmet for the newborns. A pressing problem, a unique solution.

The idea? Not worth much. But the solution, when implemented will be worth millions, for the engineers, the preemies, the families…


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