Creativity: alive and well

FastCompany’s 100 most creative people in business 2010 reflect the breadth of news ideas and new pursuits in business. They highlight as part of that list interface designer Yugo Nakamura, HBO Documentary Films president Sheila Nevins, futurist Ray Kurzweil and Pop Artist Lady Gaga. This list is FastCompany’s idiosyncratic way of saying creativity is alive and well. But what about in business startup? The Kaufman Foundation reported that in 2009, the number of people reporting entry into entrepreneurial activity in the United States reached its highest point over the last fourteen years. This increased rate of entrepreneurship was seen across most demographic categories.

Entrepreneurship rates increased the most for college-educated individuals. The states with the highest rates of
entrepreneurial activity were Oklahoma (470 per 100,000 adults), Montana (470 per 100,000 adults), Arizona (460 per 100,000 adults), Texas (450 per 100,000 adults), and Idaho (450 per 100,000 adults).


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