Alamo Inventors General Meeting

Everyone is welcome!!

Alamo Inventors General Meeting

Inventing… Achieving & Measuring Success

Date: Wednesday, June 9, 2010

San Antonio Technology Center 3463 Magic Dr., San Antonio TX 78229
5:30 PM FREE Network Hour
6:30 PM Featured Speaker
7:30 PM After Meeting Networking @ Black-Eyed Pea

Featured speaker:
Dr Larry Miller
Larry Miller M.D. founder and chief medical officer of Vidacare Corporation,, is our speaker for June and will speak on Inventing… Achieving & Measuring Success. Vidacare was established in 2001, and is committed to developing innovative new products for medical professionals facing the challenges of emergency vascular access.
Dr. Miller brings a rich experience of clinical medicine (30 years as an emergency medicine specialist), in-depth knowledge of intraosseous physiology (directing intraosseous research, human clinical trials and FDA device approval), and business management (20 years directing product development, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing, as well as President and CEO of three medical device companies). During the 30 years as an emergency medicine specialist, Dr Miller has treated more than 120,000 emergency room patients and realized that there was a need for a device to quickly deliver fluids to patients suffering from trauma such as stroke, heart attack, dehydration or blood loss. Dr. Miller will discuss the genesis of the patented product he created, manufactured, and marketed to solve the problem, the EZ-IO, and the company he founded, VidaCare Corporation.


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