Graffiti (tweets) on the side of a building?

Drexel University students projected tweets onto the side of a campus building. Using the “Social Graffiti” system, anyone can digitally tag Twitter messages with @digmGraffiti to be projected onto Nesbitt Hall, a building on campus.

And when a tweet does not come through for awhile, then a place-holder message appears:

“Social graffiti”

So what?

It’s a social networking project, which is interesting, but what’s the message?

The students who masterminded this project said in an article on CNET:

We think it’s very important to let anyone and everyone participate to promote an open forum and freedom of speech. One of our goals in this project was to bring the Drexel community together, and keeping this system open to the public helps us achieve that.

Graffiti artists take notice!!!!


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