Mindset: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial IQ

The Kaufman Foundation is offering an online course for the new entrepreneur: Mindset: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial IQ. Here is a synopsis:

Mindset: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial IQ is the first in a series of online learning programs that enable aspiring entrepreneurs to tap directly into the knowledge and experience gathered from some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs:

* Craigslist founder Craig Newmark
* E-Myth author Michael Gerber
* Inc 500 winner Chuck Halberg
* Pulitzer nominee Clifton Taulbert
* Emmy winner Jim Stovall
* Serial inventor John Osher

Distilled from more than 200 hours of on camera interviews, Mindset provides an inside look at the underlying beliefs and the behavior that enables entrepreneurs to recognize opportunities and the mindset that enables them to succeed. In this program you will:

* Identify some of the common myths about entrepreneurship and learn what it really takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.
* Learn how to identify opportunities that others overlook.
* Identify some of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them.
* Explore the new economic reality and the opportunities for entrepreneurship that have begun to emerge.
* Identify specific beliefs and behaviors that will prepare you to succeed.

In addition to the written and video content, the program also includes recommended reading, additional resources, learning assessments and a certificate of completion. Total running time is 2 hrs, 38 minutes.

If you are interested, follow the link.


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