How about a voice-to-text texting app?

From a recent Mashable article.
You will not be surprised to hear about Pew’s Internet and American Life Project report. The teen problem of texting while driving is not just a teen problem.

The report found that 27% of adults text while driving –- essentially the same amount of teens who said they do so in another Pew study conducted late last year. But when you measure both sending and reading texts, adults are worse offenders by a margin of 47% to 34%.

Beyond that, adults are much bigger offenders when it comes to chatting on their cell phones while driving –- 61% admit to doing so versus 43% of teens. Outside of driving, 17% of adults admit to bumping into someone or something as a result of their cell phone usage (somehow, I feel I’ve been disproportionately a victim of said bumping).

The conclusion here is pretty clear –- texting while driving isn’t just a teen issue, but one that’s impacting all of us as mobile usage continues to soar.

OK entrepreneurs: how about a voice to text app!


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