Events today and tomorrow: Think like an entrepreneur and Social Media Day in SA

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 an Author Chat with Radio Host Coach Deb Bailey! 6:30 pm central time

June 30: Social Media Day – A day to celebrate the revolution of media becoming a social dialogue. Celebrate Social Media Day with Mashable by attending or organizing a meetup near you on June 30. Use the hashtag #smday on Flickr, YouTube and Twitter. Check out the Texas and San Antonio plans:

If you are not sure the power behind social media, TechCrunch did a brief article on BP, you know the one destroying so much in the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding communities.

When you Google “BP PR” or “BP public relations,” the top organic result is @BPGlobalPR, a parody account on Twitter with more than 175,000 followers. In contrast, BP’s official account, @BP_America, has only 15,000 followers. The satirical @BPGlobalPR is dominating the online conversation. It is an object lesson in how social media can shape and control a company’s message during a crisis.


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