Get your 15 minutes of fame

Can’t pass up reminding you about this! I don’t know how interesting she is, but her blog about her is, so read more!
Do you have a small business that you’re trying to grow, but need Venture Capital? Do you know how to write a great business plan, or how to meet those Venture Capitalists? Are you afraid of losing control of your company by getting that much needed cash?

The Idea Finishing School is an incubator for small business startups in San Antonio. Their goal is to help you make a perfect business plan and then present you to their team of Venture Capitalists who are actively looking to invest in Healthcare, Technology and Green companies.

If you’re looking to grow your business and could use that injection of cash, without losing control of your company, come to the Idea Finishing Schools open house; The Idea Xchange.

This month, Sarah Monahan, owner of ShrimpTank Productions will be speaking about SEO, Social Media Marketing and getting your 15 minutes of fame.

We hold an Idea Xchange of the last Wednesday of each month. The June exchange is:

June 30th, 4-6pm
at the
Idea Finishing School
3463 Magic Drive, Suite 245
San Antonio, TX
Inside the big red SATC building.


One response to “Get your 15 minutes of fame

  1. Hope we get some peeps from UTSA out here to the Idea Xchange this afternoon. The Pree group out of UTSA are going through our school now and should be here for the Xchange. Come over and talk to them about the experience.
    Thanks for the shout out!

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