Where was this advice to my own supervisors back when?

I never thought I’d read a great ‘touchy-feely’ post from Harvard Business Review, but go figure. This one is the best advice I’ve seen in a long time, anywhere, because it touches on who we are as people in the workplace. When I was younger, growing up in the workplace, the advice I received tells it all: check your baggage at the door. That baggage was also my kids, my friends, my loves and laughs and who I really was.

So in honor of ME, I’m posting the entire advice with connections to the original for you to check.

JULY 13, 2010
4 Things Your Employees
Need From You
Traditional leaders see the employee-boss relationship as a transaction: money in exchange for labor. Transformational leaders know and recognize that employees want much more than that. Here are the four things your people need to succeed:
Love. This may sound touchy-feely, but love simply means focused concern that is exclusively for that person’s good. Show your employees you care about them and their futures.
Growth. No one wants to be exactly where they are forever. Create a culture that allows your people to grow and expand.
Contribution. To feel fulfilled, employees must know that they are contributing to the whole. Emphasize the ways that their work matters to the organization.
Meaning. We are meaning-seeking creatures. Share a vision that demonstrates that all of your employees are engaged in a larger purpose.
Today’s Management Tip was adapted from “Four Things Employees Need from Leaders” by Cleve Stevens.


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