Yardsellr is giving away an ipad: Hurry!

Yardsellris giving away an ipad for one lucky user. All you have to do is list an item for sell, and promote it! How, and who is Yardsellr?

Yardsellr founder Daniel Leffel spoke at The University of Texas at San Antonio $100 New Venture Start-Up Competition in April.

From their website:
Yardsellr believes that people are natural born buyers and sellers. In the tradition of neighborhood garage- and yard-sales, they make it easy for you to list and sell, or find and buy whatever you want. Best of all, the buying and selling is done by regular people like you. That means you get great prices from folks you can trust within your network or within a friend’s network.

When you put something up for sale, Yardsellr will spread the word about your item within your online “neighborhood” – social and messaging networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google to start. (We’ll be adding more ways to spread the word about what you have for sale, so stay tuned.) Yardsellr makes it easy to show your stuff for sale to potential buyers no matter where they are online.

For the buyer, it’s just as easy. Yardsellr knows that destination sites like Craigslist and eBay have become pretty crowded and hard to use. It’s tough to know who you can trust and even harder to find great deals from everyday people. Our “For Sale” page is available anywhere online where a buyer is hanging out. And checkout is a breeze for buyers and sellers. Great deals are only a click or two away when you discover and buy with Yardsellr.

The ipad contest:
It’s simple. On August 16th, the awesome seller whose item gets the most unique views wins!

Check it out!


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