This is your kind of business!

Inc magazine recently offered their take on the top businesses to start. See if you get any ideas from reading their top 10 list.

Environmental Consulting

Helping homes and businesses go green is a $17.75 billion-and-growing industry.

Mobile Application Design

With the advent of the iPad, Android phones, and a growing market for mobile apps that work on any Web-enabled phone, there is plenty of fresh territory for programmers, developers, and designers.

Ferryboats (Even in San Antonio!)

As highways in and around urban centers become more congested, the old-fashioned ferryboat is making a comeback. Privately run ferry services.

Fun and Games

Craft and hobby supply shops, as well as stores that sell toys and games, have been outperforming the overall retail industry, growing at an annual rate of 9 percent.


Bakeries, pastry shops, and bagel stores are growing at 5 percent a year, according to Small indulgences, it seems, are picking up, whereas big purchases such as vacations are not.

Tea and Healthy Beverages

The top four tea makers control 88 percent of industry revenue, according to IBISWorld. But the remaining 12 percent represents a $264 million market for small, independent manufacturers.

Crafts and Vintage Clothes Online

Anyone with something to sell – especially in the thriving areas of handmade jewelry and vintage clothing – and a PayPal account can break into this business. Online sales of independent merchants – mostly via sites such as Etsy, eBay, RubyLane, and Supermarket – grew at an annual 6.6. percent over the past five years. Check out!

Exam Prep and Tutoring

Parents always want their kids to do better on tests. A large number of adults returning to school are also looking for an edge. Given the low barrier to entry, this field is competitive.

Translation Services

The U.S. military, the health care system, and businesses that are expanding overseas are the industry’s best customers.

Self-Storage Leasing

There are already 2.2 billion square feet of self-storage in this country, according to the Self Storage Association. That translates to more than 7 square feet of storage per U.S. resident.


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