An MBA is not the answer

“MBA applications always go up during a bad economy. That is because business school generally attracts people who are lost, and more people who feel more lost when the bad job market is lousy,” says Penelope Trunk with Free Beer.

In a recent article posted on, she talks about the recession, which is a time where there are usually no jobs. She says:

But let’s be clear: This is not the type of recession where there are no jobs for young people. This is a recession where there are no GOOD jobs. McDonald’s is hiring in management. There is a bank teller shortage and a shortage of actuaries. There is a shortage of insurance agents. It’s just that people don’t grow up dreaming of these jobs. So they don’t take them.

People who are early in their career and determined to get that dream job and can’t, end of going after an MBA, or other grad studies.

The problem is that an MBA makes it worse.

Here are four reasons why you should take a bad job instead of getting an MBA.
1. MBA won’t make you a good entrepreneur.
2. You probably don’t need an MBA for what you want to do.
3. It’s pointless after a certain age.
4. An MBA is limiting.

The author cites a couple more reasons to reconsider graduate school instead of jumping into the work world and begin moving up in your career. Check out the rest of the article.


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