Do it because you care

This past week was another beginning. For some, the beginning of a new school year. For others, the beginning of a new job. And for some, the beginning of just something new. Seth Godin, guru of all gurus on marketing and branding and communicating, wrote in a recent blog:

If you want something done, perhaps you will ask a professional to do it.

A professional shows up even when he doesn’t have to; does her best because she loves to do her best!

What about an amateur? Sure, ask an amateur to do it too. He says about an amateur:

That’s a forum leader doing it for love, not money. An obsessive in love with the craft.

These are people who care about what they do.

Just don’t ask someone to do it who thinks “it’s a job”. He says:

This category represents the majority of your options, and this category is what gives work a bad name.

You are an amateur on your way to being a professional. Do it because you care about doing your best, not because you have to, and whatever you do, don’t say: “Just tell me what to do to get an A.”

You already know what you have to do!


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