Reminder: PREE is presenting at SATC mixer

PREE Corp at the SATC Mixer on September 2nd. Who is PREE?

From their website:

Our flagship product offers smartphone users something they have never had before; true mobility and wireless freedom for your devices. Smartphone battery usage is currently insufficient to meet the demands of today’s mobile phone users. Our technology is built into an all-in-one protective smartphone case that harnesses energy from wireless transmissions, such as wireless local area networks, and creates a sustainable charge for you smartphone. Imagine, never having to plug your phone into a wall charger again! With PREETM, where we strive to Provide Reliable Energy EverywhereTM, you will never have to again!”

Xchange at the SATC Mixer on September 2nd host the founders of PREE.

The SATC mixer is a HUGE event. Everyone in San Antonio comes out for the quarterly event, so we figured it would just be better to have PREE focus on that day when everyone can meet them. We know people are busy and may not be able to attend both events, so we’re going to stick with the bigger one.

So if you were wanting to meet PREE Corp and learn about how they’ve managed to become the only graduates from the UTSA Entrepreneurship Program to actually keep developing their company after they graduated and how thanks to IFS, they’ve now gotten $35k in seed money, then come on out the the SATC Mixer on Sept 2nd.

The SATC Mixer is in the San Antonio Technology Center building at 3463 Magic Dr, San Antonio TX 78229 on September 2nd, 2010. It starts at 5pm.


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