Buy-In: now I understand what went wrong

Did you know, according to the Harvard Business Review, that 70% of change initiatives in businesses fail. And there are 70 reasons why. So Harvard Business Review suggests articles, manuscripts, and texts on the subject from some of the greatest change makers. I’ll list a few they suggest, which I have read many.
But my all time favorite, I recently read through my Kindle app on my iPad: Buy-In:Saving Your Good Idea from Getting Shot Down by John Kotter. I like it so much because of the embedded videos, the stories and the brevity on such a complicated topic.

Quite simply, Potter identifies

generic attack strategies that naysayers and obfuscators deploy time and time again. Then engage these adversaries with tactics tailored to each strategy. By “inviting in the lions” to critique your idea–and being prepared for them–you’ll capture busy people’s attention, help them grasp your proposal’s value, and secure their commitment to implementing the solution.

The articles that HBR suggest include:
1. Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail by Kotter
2. Breaking the Code of Change by Beer and Nohria
3. Change through Persuasion by Garvin and Roberto
4. Tipping Point Leadership by Kim and Mauborgne
5. Real Reason People Won’t Change by Kagan and Hahey

To see the rest, go to the HBR advertisement.

Get a Kindle or a Kindle app for your smart phone and read Buy-In now.


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