Sell Your Expertise

Mashable offers daily information to the entrepreneur, whether as advice, suggestions, or a teaser. I mean “teaser” as a way to entice the entrepreneurial spirit to think about creating something new. A recent article was a real tease for me: 5 Ways to Sell Your Expertise

I thought about you, the one who is thinking, “I know something that other people would like to know but I don’t know how to share it, much less make money from it!” So read the Mashable article, but the highlights are below:

1. Develop a newsletter

TinyLetter and are two new services that allow you to quickly and easily create and sell subscription-based e-mail newsletter.

2. Provide consulting

One easy way to sell your advice is Ether. Ether is a web app that provides users with a toll-free 888 telephone number that forwards to your existing phone line.

3. Write an e-book…really!

Think about what you know and about how it could be expanded into a 40- or 50-page book.
Once you’ve created your book, you can sell it as a PDF download using a service like DPD or PayLoadz

4. Provide webinar

By holding a paid webinar, you’re literally charging people to watch you talk about and demonstrate whatever it is that you have to share.

5. Teach an online course

Using an app like Litmos, Odijoo or WiZiQ, you can create and sell web-based classes


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