I’ve changed my mantra of work hard, get good grades and get a job: Become an entrepreneur!

I didn’t say this, but I wish I had. But you know I believe it and therefore I will let someone else say it here, and I will support it:

And where do you suggest many of these young people get a “real” job in the first place? The Mall? Wal-Mart? Reality check: Millennials are no longer beneficiaries of the hand-out, resume-driven society of old. Boomers and Gen Xers need to stop training Gen Y to believe that the mantra of ‘work hard, get good grades, go to school and get a job’ that they were told to buy into, is alive and well. It’s not — it’s dead — and now it needs to be buried for good.

Fact: there are over 81 million young people unemployed worldwide. And this number does not account for the tens — if not hundreds — of millions more that are underemployed. It’s becoming more and more apparent that in today’s world, young people will need to create a job to keep a job. Millennials need to re-train themselves to become self-sufficiency experts capable of generating their own incomes. I truly believe everyone can become entrepreneurial and partner with individuals whose strengths fill in gaps and weaknesses. The key is for us to stop thinking “Facebook” and start thinking about practical, nuts-and-bolts, income-generating, on-the-ground businesses. When we finally turn that corner, Gen Y will truly become the most entrepreneurial generation in history.

Read the whole article by Donna Fenn regarding Scott Gerber’s Never Get a Real Job: How to Dump Your Boss, Build a Business and Not Go Broke (Wiley, Dec. 7, 2010).


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