Where’s the entrepreneurial spirit

The Small Business Administration reported that the United States has dropped to third place in promoting the entrepreneurial spirit, and fostering creativity. Entrepreneur magazine (December, p. 18) published a condensed ‘unvarnished’ response to their question “Where’s the entrepreneurial spirit?” Here are a few responses and mine, too:

1. Complacency

I agree with this. Too many times I hear “I have a good idea for a business” but then don’t see any action!

2. Running a business is like balancing on a log in the water: Fancy footwork will keep you up, but it takes bulldog tenacity to stay there. With so much negativity, undermining and unpatriotic chin-wag it discourages honest, hard-working people from giving it a go.

My response to this comment: If you listen to discouraging comments, then you don’t need to be in business. For every person, like me, who preaches the entrepreneurial spirit, there are hundreds who are pessimistic, “risk-adverse”.

3. The cost of insurance, licensing, small-business taxes and hiring employees is astronomical. Most mom-and-pop businesses are on a shoestring budget.

My response: Most mom-and-pop businesses don’t want to be more. When I was running a marathon, someone from the sideline yelled, “How’s it going? ” I yelled back, “One step at a time.” I finished, by the way, actually 9 different marathons!

4. By the time young executives get out of student loan debt, they are at a point in their lives where it is hard to take the risk of entrepreneurship.

Unfortunately, I hear this all the time, and I understand.

We do what we have to do. I wish we do what we want to do while still doing what we have to.


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