It’s not over, yet

The year is almost, but not quite over. You still have time to read and prepare for the new year. Not like resolutions for the new year, more like “planning”. I’ve got some new ideas I want to try, some things I’ve been thinking about, and now reading more about. So maybe you could be doing the same. A new business idea? A change? A new direction? Whatever it is, do some planning first.

Here are some suggestions of reading resources, that might lead you to the next year in a new frame of mind.

Upstart Boot Camp

docstock (for businesses)


The Startup MBA

How To Read a Balance Sheet

And for fun and creativity:
The future of print

This should be a beginning. So much more to read, but I’ll catch you on the upside of the year! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! May it bring you what you want!


One response to “It’s not over, yet

  1. Yes, yes and yes…. you go girl. We are looking forward to a great New Year with new additions to the school.

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