Collaboration that builds breakthroughs!

If I say Thomas Edison, what comes to mind?

The light bulb.

You’d be right, and wrong. The light bulb was a product of a team: the dream by Edison, drawn by Batchelor, mathematically proved by Upton, built by Kruesi and Boehm, and tested by Lawson, Force, and Jehl. The reality is that as a genius, Edison built teams of great minds, with a passion for learning, and a commitment for excellence. He’d put together one great team, divide them into small teams with a goal and let them work independent. He is quoted as saying:

I generally instructed them on the general idea of what I wanted carried out, and when I came across an assistant who was particularly ingenious, I would sometimes refues to help him out in his experiments, telling him to see if he could not work it out himself, as as to encourage him.

Edison, the genius of all geniuses, accepted that he alone did not possess all the answers, but together, his team usually did.

I’m reading a book, The Orange Revolution: How One Great Team Can Transform an Entire Organization, and if you are in need of developing a work team, an exemplar team, or as the authors of the book call them “Breakthrough Teams”, you might like to read this book.


2 responses to “Collaboration that builds breakthroughs!

  1. Thanks for the insight. I am building a social enterprise for the Westside wherein students will have opportunity for civic engagement. Using social media tools, they will work with business and community outlets. Any ideas you could share?

    • Not sure exactly what you are planning, but to involve students in civic engagement is a motive of mine, too. Hard to reply without knowing exactly what you are thinking. There are resources you can turn to help guide you: Cutting Edge Social Media Approaches to Business Education, is a new text, available on amazon. Developing a webpage that advertises potential volunteers of opportunities is available, but not locally, in San Antonio. Good luck!

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