Be one of the statistics

More data coming across the table on entrepreneurship in Texas and the US.
The Kaufman Foundation gathers extensive data on entrepreneurship and is an excellent source of the happenings in business from the perspective of entrepreneurial activity in the United States.

FACTS of interest:

Texas is not number one, but not far behind in the index of entrepreneurial activity.

In 2010, 565,000 new businesses were started per month by new and repeat entrepreneurs, the same rate as in 2009.  340 out of 100,000 adults started businesses each month in 2010.

Ages 20-34 accounted for 26% of all businesses started in 2010, which by the way is the same as the age group 35-44.

The largest group of entrepreneurs in the education index who started businesses in 2010 were the college educated, followed closely by the high school only group. This indicates that more businesses were started out of necessity.

No surprise on the gender issue: 38% women and a whopping 62% men started businesses in 2010. Why? Another time, but suffice it to say, the gap is closing.


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