MTC Sports, a promise and a dream

So proud to have met David Josiah!

DJ has a mission, something that gets him up in the morning, something that motivates his every move, and something that inspires others to join with him. He has founded an organization to help at risk youth through the game of basketball. Sounds like one of many efforts in the city, but this one is driven by a young man who will ensure continuity and success, right now through his organization MTC Sports.

For the event this weekend, he has found support from:
Haven For Hope, United Way, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, Communities in Schools, San Antonio Youth, Marines, Coast Guard, Habitat For Humanity, and San Antonio Housing Authority.

And his sponsors:
Chick Fila, Jensen Education Corp., Crown Trophy, Bill Millers, UAM, 210 Print, various Lawyers, TASO, K-Love Radio, The Beat 98.5, FOX News, & of course George Gervin.

Here is his promo for the upcoming event: Beyond a Game
“There is a purpose for my existence.” I’m sure DJ wrote the text because that is his mantra! Congratulations David and thank you.


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