66 million productive uses of Twitter?

So I have students who will be required this semester to learn about Twitter. Why you ask? (Actually, those who ask need the same assignment as my students.)

Just yesterday, I saw a great infographic from Mashable (check out the story) which will support me as I explain to those students who ask, “But why do I need to know this?”

The author of the Mashable article not only claims he’s addicted to Twitter, but is searching for a 12-step program to help him break his addiction. Lab42 (https://lab42.com/), an online research firm, conducted the survey on the use of Twitter. The truth is, we use Twitter because someone else we know uses Twitter. Google the question How to use Twitter productively, and you’ll get 66,300,000 opinions.

Whether you are the young grad tweeting about the happenings in city council and around the city government, or the guy who just let us know “just got up, showered and off to work” (whatever!), Twitter offers immediate information. The headline across my desktop this morning reads “Libya: Latest Tweets Say Rebels Are Moving Into Tripoli“. And I tweet to promote a university program and corresponding blog.

So for whatever reasons, Twitter offers 66 million reasons to understand how it works and how it can work for you. Just look at the Resume below and you can see how it brands that user!


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