Daily Archives: August 30, 2011

The Best Work Space For Creativity

I’m not one to complain about my surroundings when it comes to using the creative side of my mind. I have designed the perfect work space. My job allows me the freedom to develop my work space to accommodate the kind of person that I am.
A recent article in Mashable highlights the kind of work spaces we need to see in San Antonio.
A workplace for developing camaraderie. The best work is done by a team that gets along, and the work space enhances or detracts from building a collegial environment, not to mention fun!
Or a work space that inspires creativity. Sometimes it is hard enough to be creative on demand, but when we have to sit behind a desk in a cubicle, forget it.

The article is full of wonderful examples of workspace, being used by people who love to work with each other, and who are creative in everything they do, even the mundane!

ahh! The best employee of all.