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10 year olds get it, so why not adults?

The latest Daily Stat from the Harvard Business Review reports that by age 10 children have developed the awareness of the tactics that advertisers use to capture their attention. This was a study, that though in its infancy (ha!) says a lot about advertisers! But what grabs my tickle bone is that by the time these kids are adults, “we” don’t get it!

Here’s the link to the study, and here is the Stat:

AUGUST 31, 2011
Ten-Year-Olds Can See Through Advertisers’ Tactics
By age 10, children are able to discern advertisers’ tactics for getting their attention and making them want to buy, according to research led by Esther Rozendaal of the Amsterdam School of Communications Research in the Netherlands. The study of 209 children also showed that when it comes to the tactic of celebrity endorsements, 10-year-olds are significantly better at grasping advertisers’ intentions than adults. At age 10, children tend to develop an ability to see others’ perspectives and reason abstractly, the researchers say.