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Students-turned-entrepreneurs in TechCon: Free admission

Not too late to make it to make it to TechCon2011 free (click here). TechCon International works to expose new technologies developed, sold and implemented in Texas to businesses and consumers. And one such business on exhibit is our very own PREE, started by former UTSA students from the Small Business Entrepreneurship program.

Two products to mention, the PREEcharge™ wireless charger and the Baby M.A.T™ wireless baby monitor. Both products were designed by engineers in the College of Engineering and competed in the $100K New Technology Student Venture Competition, and both placed!

Don’t skip this opportunity to see some of the newest technologies being developed right here. Visit with Matt Jackson, Amanda DeKay and Edward Rigas, and then you can one day about the students-turned-entrepreneurs, “I knew them when…”


More on Twitter… a free book and webinar!

Yesterday the post referred to Twitter, and just this morning I read the author of a new book on social media effectiveness is offering a webinar and his book free. I’ve already downloaded and began to read it, and have signed up to hear his presentation. From the website:

You’ll learn how to build your reach, engineer contagious ideas and measure your results, through data-backed, scientifically-proven best practices.

If you’re interested in learning more about the productivity and successes using Twitter, Facebook and other social media, check out the webinar today, and download his book for free from Amazon. (The bunny is for a reason!)

MTC Sports, a promise and a dream

So proud to have met David Josiah!

DJ has a mission, something that gets him up in the morning, something that motivates his every move, and something that inspires others to join with him. He has founded an organization to help at risk youth through the game of basketball. Sounds like one of many efforts in the city, but this one is driven by a young man who will ensure continuity and success, right now through his organization MTC Sports.

For the event this weekend, he has found support from:
Haven For Hope, United Way, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, Communities in Schools, San Antonio Youth, Marines, Coast Guard, Habitat For Humanity, and San Antonio Housing Authority.

And his sponsors:
Chick Fila, Jensen Education Corp., Crown Trophy, Bill Millers, UAM, 210 Print, various Lawyers, TASO, K-Love Radio, The Beat 98.5, FOX News, & of course George Gervin.

Here is his promo for the upcoming event: Beyond a Game
“There is a purpose for my existence.” I’m sure DJ wrote the text because that is his mantra! Congratulations David and thank you.

When in Rome… as the saying goes

I’ve been in Spain for the past week. I don’t remember showing so much affection to so many people as I have this week, and I feel so loved because of this.

Why can’t we, as Americans, show how we feel about our friends by offering a gentle, respectful hug, or a kiss on each cheek, each time we see them? Male to male, male to female?

A handshake in American culture is a respectful way of saying, “NIce to meet you, see you, or just hello.” From an American perspective, this is respectful. Each time I held out my hand in Spain, I have felt the extension to be insufficient in the greeting, most particularly to those I had been in contact with at a prior time, whether by email, or in person.

My perspective as an American, and theirs as Spaniards, can’t change. But I am in their country, and respectfully, I appreciate their greetings.

And the winners are…..

….absolutely everyone who presented at the CITE $100K Student New Technology Venture Start-Up Competition held on Saturday April 23 at the downtown campus of UTSA.

Nine teams competed and the top three teams carried place awards:

umd industries placed 1st
The EGLD or electrolytic gastric leak detector detects leaks in gastric bypass surgery. Student team includes Taylor Bobb, Daniel Escaloni, Justin Hoffman, Michael Horwath, Absalon Lyra, Jennifer Schmidt and Karin Thornsburg.

Atalis placed 2nd
ATALIS offers a RFID-based technology that identifies and weighs bottles stocked by business and bar owners in real-time to determine if the correct amount and type of alcohol is used for a particular drink and to determine if the charge is correct. Student team includes Zachery Chaney, Mark Foresman, Clayton King, Ryan Mertz, Laura Phinney, Mark Ramsower and Wesley Richard.

VOIDD placed 3rd
Voice Detection for the Deaf offers a mobile technology to assist in the awareness of surroundings of the deaf and hard of hearing by integrating an alerting wristband with a mobile phone application. Student team includes Domingos Francisco, Marlena Gonzales, Joaquim Dos Santos Jaime, Kelley Poindexter, Roberto Sierra and Ahmad Turki.

Congratulations to all the entrepreneurs!

Check out the list of all the competitors.

About to finish a marathon!!!

Today is the 150th Boston Marathon. For those who don’t know, it is the elite marathon and in order to compete one has to qualify. Back sometime when, I qualified, twice, but life got in the way each time and I never did get to run Boston.

The editor of Running Magazine said today that he is always inspired when he watches the runners leave the starting gate and cross the finish line. Running with the elite runners is preparing for life, run the best you can with the best.

On Saturday, April 23, another kind of marathon is happening – the CITE $100K Student Venture Start-up Competition. Nine teams, 60 students, and one heck of a training semester. To me, my inspiration is watching everyone struggle through the semester, and come out winners – EVERYONE! Sure someone is ranked first, second and third. But to compete makes everyone a winner.

Please join us on Saturday, downtown campus at UTSA 12:30pm.

Canary Island Business Plan Competition

A group of UTSA students will be heading to the Canary Islands (Spain) this summer for a unique business plan competition. Much like the $100K New Technology Venture Start-Up Competition that we hold each semester, the business students will be competing in the Islands. Twelve students will meet up with technology entrepreneurs with new innovations and a desire to start a business. These business students will spend 80 hours in teams of 2 preparing 5-6 business plans, and then pitch to Spanish and American entrepreneurs currently in business who have the desire to support these business ideas.

An international business project for the Center for Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurship program at UTSA.

Stay tuned for more as the program unfolds.