MTC Sports, a promise and a dream

So proud to have met David Josiah!

DJ has a mission, something that gets him up in the morning, something that motivates his every move, and something that inspires others to join with him. He has founded an organization to help at risk youth through the game of basketball. Sounds like one of many efforts in the city, but this one is driven by a young man who will ensure continuity and success, right now through his organization MTC Sports.

For the event this weekend, he has found support from:
Haven For Hope, United Way, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, Communities in Schools, San Antonio Youth, Marines, Coast Guard, Habitat For Humanity, and San Antonio Housing Authority.

And his sponsors:
Chick Fila, Jensen Education Corp., Crown Trophy, Bill Millers, UAM, 210 Print, various Lawyers, TASO, K-Love Radio, The Beat 98.5, FOX News, & of course George Gervin.

Here is his promo for the upcoming event: Beyond a Game
“There is a purpose for my existence.” I’m sure DJ wrote the text because that is his mantra! Congratulations David and thank you.


If you could work for any start-up, which one would you choose?

If you could work for any start-up in the country, which one would you choose? That was the question posed to readers of TechCrunch recently, and you may be surprised to learn the results of over 5,000 votes.

Yes, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Foursquare each had roughly the same number of votes. And some of the up and coming start-ups that made the list of votes: Dropbox, Instagram, and Techmeme.

But the all time, number one start-up that received the most votes on the question which start-up would you most like to work for?

Your own start-up.

UTSA Business Students partner with Canary Island Engineers

A few business students from UTSA spent 3 weeks in Spain’s Canary Islands playing on the beach, sleeping late, and basically doing nothing.

Daniel, David, Randy, Tony, Kim, Rochelle, Tyler, Taylor, Ivan, Matt, Liliana, and Rebecca went to the Canary Islands (which is located 70 miles north of Morocco), and for one long week of writing and working with engineering students from the Islands, competed in a Business Plan Competition. 6 teams, each comprising 2 business students and 1 engineer, met for the first time 6 days before the competition. They wrote the business plans, in both English and Spanish, presented in both English and Spanish to a committee of international judges. If that wasn’t one big fright, ask any one of them.

Not only were they phenomenally successful, 4 of the Spanish engineers who participated in the competition are coming to San Antonio in early September to seek out more advice and assistance with their business ideas. (Check out the San Antonio Business Journal article.)

If you don’t know Seth, it’s time!

If you don’t know Seth Godin, now is the time to learn who he is. A marketing guru, a dare-to-dream dreamer, a dare-to-act activist, and entrepreneur, and a great blogger. He has now become by saving grace today, because he has just given me permission, in fact, encouraged me, to waste time.

Now, grant it, he only recently posted the blog post below, while I have been indulging in “wasting time” long before his post. Actually, I feel like I’ve been wasting time since July 15, so that’s about a month (as of today in fact.)

While I’ve been spending my time in wasteland, I’ve been clearing my head of all the garbage I’ve collected over the past 6 months. I’ve been sorting and keeping that stuff, which will be useful to me later; like renewing my exercise schedule, my improved eating habits, and sleeping habits, and oh yes my reading and playing computer games (I;m real good at solitaire, not an Angry Birds fan since they die in front on my on MY screen!)

Each day I would wake and say, “I’m going to be productive today! Yes!” But I end up wasting yet another day.

But after reading Godin’s post last night, I now know I’m ready for all of the excitement, frustration and newness of up and coming entrepreneurs. I’m actually pretty excited to see who is going to move forward on their entrepreneurial plans, who’s going to look at me this semester with that “Oh, I get it now” look in their eyes. And whose going to feel energized by my energized ways, since I spent a month wasting my time getting energized.

But I was just wasting time. Thank you Seth Godin.

(And here’s his post.)

Wasting time is not a waste

In fact, wasting time is a key part of our lives.

Wasting time poorly is a sin, because not only are you forgoing the productivity, generosity and art that comes from work, but you’re also giving up the downtime, experimentation and joy that comes from wasting time.

If you’re going to waste time (and I hope you will) the least you can do is do it well.

When in Rome… as the saying goes

I’ve been in Spain for the past week. I don’t remember showing so much affection to so many people as I have this week, and I feel so loved because of this.

Why can’t we, as Americans, show how we feel about our friends by offering a gentle, respectful hug, or a kiss on each cheek, each time we see them? Male to male, male to female?

A handshake in American culture is a respectful way of saying, “NIce to meet you, see you, or just hello.” From an American perspective, this is respectful. Each time I held out my hand in Spain, I have felt the extension to be insufficient in the greeting, most particularly to those I had been in contact with at a prior time, whether by email, or in person.

My perspective as an American, and theirs as Spaniards, can’t change. But I am in their country, and respectfully, I appreciate their greetings.

New Beginning

The past few weeks have been so emotional, so stressful, so deliberately time consuming, that this blog is the last place I wanted to turn to. Until now. I saw Ric Elias and new that I needed to come back in a renewed way. The three things he learned resonate with me, though not life changing as his, but still renewed. A must watch, from

And the winners are…..

….absolutely everyone who presented at the CITE $100K Student New Technology Venture Start-Up Competition held on Saturday April 23 at the downtown campus of UTSA.

Nine teams competed and the top three teams carried place awards:

umd industries placed 1st
The EGLD or electrolytic gastric leak detector detects leaks in gastric bypass surgery. Student team includes Taylor Bobb, Daniel Escaloni, Justin Hoffman, Michael Horwath, Absalon Lyra, Jennifer Schmidt and Karin Thornsburg.

Atalis placed 2nd
ATALIS offers a RFID-based technology that identifies and weighs bottles stocked by business and bar owners in real-time to determine if the correct amount and type of alcohol is used for a particular drink and to determine if the charge is correct. Student team includes Zachery Chaney, Mark Foresman, Clayton King, Ryan Mertz, Laura Phinney, Mark Ramsower and Wesley Richard.

VOIDD placed 3rd
Voice Detection for the Deaf offers a mobile technology to assist in the awareness of surroundings of the deaf and hard of hearing by integrating an alerting wristband with a mobile phone application. Student team includes Domingos Francisco, Marlena Gonzales, Joaquim Dos Santos Jaime, Kelley Poindexter, Roberto Sierra and Ahmad Turki.

Congratulations to all the entrepreneurs!

Check out the list of all the competitors.